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Complypak is a registered compliance scheme, operating under the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations. Membership of Complypak provides compliance with all of the requirements of the Regulations.

Recycling requirements under the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) RegulationsAny company that has a turnover of over two million pounds and also supplies or imports 50 tonnes or more of packaging material a year has a legal requirement to comply with the legislation.

Complypak is a compliance scheme that works with companies to ensure that their legal obligations are met at the lowest possible cost.

Why use Complypak?

Complypak is a national packaging compliance scheme providing compliance with the packaging regulations to many of the UK’s leading companies for a decade.

We can offer:

• Low cost compliance
• On-site assistance with
  data collection
• National and cross sectoral
• Waste audits and advice on
• Representation at EA Audits

Why use Complypak

Are you obligated?

If you have a turnover in excess of £2m per annum and also handle 50 tonnes of packaging, then you may affected by these regulations.

Under the packaging regulations, you ‘handle’ packaging if you import, manufacture or convert packaging or packaging raw materials, and also if you pack/fill and sell packaged products.

If you are unsure, see more information in our Regulations page, or contact Complypak.

Are you obligated?

Who is Complypak?

Complypak is part of the Prismm Group of companies. We also operate WEEEComply, an approved WEEE producer compliance scheme.

Prismm is a facilities and waste handling company with expertise in waste material markets and producer responsibility regulations. Prismm can meet all of your waste and recycling requirements and comply with all relevant waste and environmental regulations. Complypak is an approved compliance scheme. Approval number NPWD107444.

complaypak is part of the Weeecomply group

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