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Complypak Fees

Annual Fees

Annual Membership Fee
Payable upon joining and the in
January each year
Environment Agency Fees
These are annual registration fees
paid passed on to the Environment Agency

*£345 for small producers. There may be additional fees for subsidiaries and late registration fees.

Quarterly PRN Fees
The PRNs and Administration fee is charged in quarterly installments.

PRN Charge
PRNS are evidence that packaging waste has been recycled.
Variable per tonne charge depending
upon material and market rates.
Contact Complypak for an estimate.
Administration fee
A quarterly admin fee based on the total obligation of each member.
Annual Obligation
0- 10 tonnes
10 – 50 tonnes
50 – 100 tonnes
100 – 250 tonnes
250 – 500 tonnes
500 – 1000 tonnes
> 1000 tonnes

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