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Government consults on lower glass targets

The Government has announced a mini review of the glass packaging recycling targets for 2014, and proposes a reduction in the targets on obligated businesses.

The review comes after concerns that the current 81% target is too high resulting in a dramatic increase in the PRN price to up to £90 per tonne. A recent report has found that the assumptions behind the 81% target are incorrect and that the UK could meet the EU directive target with a lower UK business target.

The review proposes amending the target on businesses to either 77% or 75%. Due to the timescales involved the Government has opted for a shortened timescale for responses of just 4 weeks.

It is hoped that a reduced target will ease the pressure and reduce the PRNs price in 2014.

The consultation runs until Friday January 17 2013 and seeks responses from England, Scotland and Wales.

Defra to consult on targets

Defra, the government department with responsibility for the packaging regulations, has announced that it will be consulting on the 2013-17 targets later this year. This comes after the targets have been static for 2 years. It is expected that the Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) will call for an increase in targets.

End of Waste Criteria

New European regulations on when scrap metal ceases to be waste may allow metal merchants to issue Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs). This change has the potential to disrupt the PRN market for steel and aluminium. Previously only steel and aluminium reprocessors and exporters could issue PRNs, but under the new guidance scrap metal merchants producing material which meets a set criteria may also able to do so.