Countdown to EPR!

Are you getting ready for EPR? The new Extended Producer Responsibility regulations are being introduced and you will have new and different responsibilities to register, collect, and report your packaging data from 1 July 2023.

We are building the new EPR reporting section of the Complypak website and will be rolling this out shortly. In the interim, here are the answers to a few FAQ’s.

How do I register and report packaging weights?

Registration and reporting will still be via Complypak as your compliance scheme. After 1 July you will have to enrol on the government website as a user and select Complypak as your scheme. We will provide full instructions for how to do this when the government system is ready.

We are building our EPR data reporting system on the members’ website. After 1 July, when it is ready, you will be able to log on to report your packaging weights for EPR.

What will the registration and membership fees be?

We will charge no additional fees for reporting of the first 6-month data. Complypak are freezing membership fees at current levels for the first year of EPR, so 2024 fees will be the same – £500 per annum.

The Environment Agency have proposed new increased fees for 2024 onwards which are expected to be confirmed shortly. These proposed fees are:

Proposed EA registration fees from 2024
Large scheme member£1,410 per annum
Small scheme member (less than £2m / 50t) £597 per annum
Subsidiaries£533 each (for first 20 subsidiaries)

When do I have to report weights by?

You will have to report your January – June 2023 data by the legal deadline of 1 October 2023. Then there will be a 6-month data reporting cycle from then onwards.

Complypak will shortly be rolling out our new system and providing you with full guidance on enrolment, registration and data reporting including webinars to help you through the new system. There is also guidance on the government website here.

We will be sending out more information and guidance as we approach the introduction to EPR.