EPR Costs Delayed Until 2025 – But Old Regulations Get Another Year

If you have seen the latest announcements from the Government delaying EPR costs until 2025, you may be wondering what you should be doing now for data submission.

The latest news is that EPR data reporting, with the first report before 1 October reporting your January to June weights, is going ahead, as the legislation is in place. The Government delay effectively means that the first year will be a ‘dry run’ of data reporting, with no costs attached.

However, the delay also means that the outgoing Producer Responsibility Regulations (the 2007 Packaging Regulations) will still be in place for 2024. This means that you will have to do another of the ‘old’ packaging returns in 2024, and there will be PRN targets announced for 2024. Unfortunately, you will be reporting under both the EPR regulations and the 2007 Packaging Regulations next year.

So, the new timetable is now:

16th August 2023Enrol on the Government RPD system for EPR
By 1 October 2023Report January to June 23 EPR data to Complypak via the Complypak EPR portal
By March 2024Report your January – December 2023 Packaging Data under the ‘old’ 2007 Packaging Regulations for another year, via the Complypak website
By 1 April 2024Report your July to December 23 EPR data to Complypak via the Complypak EPR portal

It’s not ideal! But on the positive side, there will be no additional EPR costs in 2024 as these have been delayed to at least 2025. Please do contact me if you have any questions!