Government Delay to 16 August the Launch of EPR Reporting Platform

With just two weeks to go to the start of EPR on 1 July, Defra have pushed back to 16 August the launch of the web-based registration and reporting platform that is integral to the operation of the EPR system.

The platform, called “Report Packaging Data” (RPD), has been in development for some months. All Producers and Compliance Schemes will be required to enrol on the system prior to reporting their packaging data via their compliance scheme.

The legal deadline for reporting the first 6 month data set remains 1 October, but Producers must enrol on the RPD system first.

The revised EPR reporting timetable for Complypak members is now:

From 16th August 2023Enrol on government RPD website. Enrolment must be carried out by a Director, Company Secretary or other Approved Person. When registering it is possible for authority to be delegated to another person in the business.

During enrolment Producers will be asked to select the compliance scheme that they are a member of.
16th August – 30th September 2023Report Jan – June 23 packaging data via Complypak. Once enrolled Complypak members must report their first packaging report via the Complypak website before the end of September.
1 January 24 – 31st March 2Report July – December 23 packaging data via Complypak. Report their second packaging report via the Complypak website before the end of March 2024.

Complypak members can still start collecting their packaging data for the period 1 Jan – 30 June prior to reporting. Complypak will give detailed guidance on how to enrol and how to submit your data. Please look out for more information from us.