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For many companies, the difficult part of complying with the packaging regulations is understanding the complex implications of the regulations, gathering data on packaging handled, and identify which packaging they have an obligation on, and which they do not.

Complypak can provide the solution to these problems.

As part of the Complypak service, and fully included in the membership fees set out in the following section, Complypak will provide the following services to.

Inclusive Services

  • Annual web seminars for those involved in data collection
    Complypak will offer packaging regulations web seminars to assist those who are charged with the task of collecting packaging data at the various sites and business units.
  • Representation at Environment Agency Audits.
    A Complypak representative will accompany and represent members during the EA Audits. These audits should occur at least every three years.
  • Aggregation of data from sites/subsidiary companies
    If required, Complypak will act as a central point for the aggregation of packaging data, and will check recycling and recovery calculations.
  • Advice and assistance in obtaining PRNs from the recycling of own packaging waste
    Complypak, with the assistance of its parent company Prismm, will advise on the potential for obtaining PRNs from packaging waste (e.g. card, plastic, wood etc) that is currently being recycled by member companies.
  • Advice on other PRO legislation e.g. ELV and WEEE Directives
    In addition, Complypak will offer advice on other aspects of PRO legislation that may affect members, for example, End of Life Vehicle Directive and Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Directive.

No other compliance scheme offers this range of services within its standard fees.

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